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SEABLU's Leadership Team

Brian Gamble 
SEABLU Founder and CEO

SEABLU Founder and CEO Brian Gamble has long been intrigued by the majesty of the Earth's Oceans. Growing up on a farm in Ohio, it was always his desire to work in technology and to be involved in marine conservation. 
Brian grew as a technologist having served as a CIO for the world's largest environmental company. He worked on initiatives like the BP Oil Spill and the Fukushima Daiichi accident that directly affected the condition of our seas.

Brian and his family relocated to Cape Coral, Florida, the city with the most canals in the world, in May 2017.


Hurricane Irma hit the city in the same month they moved into their new house. The amount of debris that had been blown and washed into the waterways, canals, and finally the Gulf of Mexico astounded Brian. The fact that there was no actual solution in place to remove the submerged material from the canals shocked him even more.

With local and state governments focused mainly on the human side of the storm, Brian decided it was time to form an organization to help out on the marine side. Using his extensive background in technology and passion for marine conservation, SEABLU was established to serve our Seas and to improve the quality of the life that exists in and around them.

Mary O'Neill
SEABLU Advisor and Board Member

Mary O'Neill has remained steadfast in her basic conviction that helping others is both her greatest gift and a blessing from God, guided by her faith.

In her professional life, she has assisted people and organizations in achieving success and achieving their goals by utilizing her abilities and expertise as a business owner and nonprofit executive.

Mary relocated to Florida in April 2021 to work as the executive director of America's Future, Inc., one of the oldest organizations in our nation dedicated to safeguarding the valued liberties of American citizens.

She has also devoted part of her life to protecting our natural resources and maintaining a clean environment. She competed for many years as an East Coast Surfing Association member while growing up on an island. She also participated in competitions for the Newport Canoe Club, the East Coast Canoe Club, and 38-mile paddling events in Gloucester and the Chesapeake Bay. She worked on numerous initiatives to clean the beaches and waterways near Newport, Rhode Island's scenic coastline. She also worked as a landscape consultant, focusing notably on soil and various growing techniques, as well as developing and testing organic fertilizers and insecticides that are acceptable for use near waterways. 

Now living in Southwest Florida with her husband Doug, Mary participates in Florida's environmental efforts, particularly those involving the state's waterways. She acknowledges Florida as a significant state with numerous distinct ecosystems and as one of the world's major migration territories. Her main concern is ensuring that the waterways are sustainable and clean for upcoming generations.

As a life-long learner, Mary earned her undergraduate degree in Environment Science, with honors and an MBA, achieving the Delta Mu Delta, International Honor Society in Business status.

Alan Parrot
SEABLU Advisor and Board Member

SEABLU board member Alan Parrot is a world-renowned wildlife conservationist and Falconry expert who co-founded UCR, a 501(c)(3) non-profit wildlife conservation foundation where he's established a multinational network of local field operatives and high-profile political support in Washington DC to fight corruption and shut down today’s lucrative black markets in critically endangered Falcons.

Having grown up on the rocky coast of Maine, Alan understands that seabirds are sentinel indicators of the health of our coastal ecosystem,


and that the government alone cannot sustain healthy oceans. Alan believes it takes stewardship and community involvement in order to combat today’s pressures on our marine ecosystems which is why he joins SEABLU as a key advisor and board member.

Tommy Aceto
SEABLU Advisor

SEABLU Advisor Tommy Aceto has shared a passion for the water ever since he was a child. Tommy can remember watching giant 1,000 ft. ocean freighters glide across his bedroom window. Growing up on Lake St. Clair, just outside of Detroit, Michigan, Tommy could usually be found on the water, chasing down freighters on his jet ski, swimming or ice skating for miles across the frozen water. Tommy’s love of the water and his country lead him to a 16 year career as a Navy SEAL, where he deployed all over the world conducting missions and humanitarian operations.


Tommy excelled in medicine, intelligence, and developing curriculum as a Master Training Specialist within the Naval Special Warfare Command. He has been heavily involved in veteran mental health to combat the extremely high statistics of veteran addictions and suicide rates in America. Tommy has gained national attention for his research in mental health treatments and is actively involved in legislative efforts in bill reform, federal and state funding for research and clinical trials for alternative veteran health treatments. Through his research, he believes that the ocean and waterways in general have a direct impact on the overall health and well being of humans and has joined SEABLU to help protect this vital natural resource. Tommy was a state champion wrestler and NCAA soccer player with a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Health Science and a minor in chemistry. Tommy also has a master’s of fine arts in directing and writing.

"The greatest danger to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it" ~Robert Swan

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