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| The Mission

| The Vision

The mission of SEABLU is to remove manmade debris that has been blown or washed into mangroves, waterways, and canals before it enters our seas and oceans and negatively impacts marine life. Along with our partners and volunteers, we are dedicated to improving the condition of our seas, and we hope to reproduce our remediation strategy in other coastal cities.

Sunken marine debris makes up the majority of the waste in our oceans. It frequently goes unreported while having a large impact on marine habitats and wildlife because this cannot be observed from the surface.

With the help of innovative technologies and mission built vessels, we will be able to effectively discover, identify, and remediate this waste over a wide area.


"Let the world argue about who or what's to blame for climate change, I'll be out on the water, removing their garbage"
~Brian Gamble, CEO of SEABLU

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